Saturday, February 20, 2010

Whats The Difference Between Pipe And Cigarette Tobacco What's The Difference Between Regular Tobacco And Light Tobacco?

What's the difference between regular tobacco and light tobacco? - whats the difference between pipe and cigarette tobacco

I wonder what is the difference between tobacco and snuff ... (regular, light, ultralight), not just snuff regular cigarettes. I think the transition to pipe tobacco. Also some advice?



I8AShroo... said...

The difference is the flavor especially. There are different types of snuff, and the various methods of healing. Each combination gives a different flavor profile to the final product. Lighter snuff mixtures often times starts small and subjected to cure air or fermented, the sweet taste of tobacco. Heavier blends of snuff to begin with a more robust and often raise these flavors with the heat of polymerization. Due to the complexity, to combine in different proportions and / or add spices.

Shotgun Tony said...

This is not necessarily that of snuff. Light cigarettes have tiny holes through the filter, so that is less smoke Ultra Lights has more holes than the lights of the plane.

msjantas... said...

They are unhealthy and can kill you and those around you. Why do not smart and they deliver, and spend your money wiser?

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